YouTube Problems

I recently hopped onto a site that I hadn’t been on in a LONG time. was ,and is still, one of the most popular websites in the world, along with Facebook and Twitter.So, knowing that misleading thumbnails are misleading and therefor only watch videos to whom you can trust (i.e: AntVenom or TheBajanCanadian). so, I watch a pretty good pokemon/minecraft video, I wanted to show my appreciation for the series that they do, so I head into the comments on that video to share an idea for what I think is cool that they should do. Well, when I was in the comments in this video, I see a link to the videomaker’s new “game”. Out of sheer curiosity, i click the link only to find myself face to face with a clown that could kill someone with epilepsy or a weak heart. It turns out, it wasn’t the real account, it was a fake one.

See, This is what happens when Youtube gives basically ALL of it’s company to Google+! They let anyone do anything on comments and videos. I learned a valuable lesson.Do not click a link unless it is by someone that you do not know personally. And, that I am very gullible.